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8 ηλεκτρικό βαρούλκο τόνου για το τράβηγμα και την ανύψωση σταθερή/την κινητή περιουσία

8 ηλεκτρικό βαρούλκο τόνου για το τράβηγμα και την ανύψωση σταθερή/την κινητή περιουσία

Κίνα 8 ηλεκτρικό βαρούλκο τόνου για το τράβηγμα και την ανύψωση σταθερή/την κινητή περιουσία προμηθευτής

Μεγάλες Εικόνας :  8 ηλεκτρικό βαρούλκο τόνου για το τράβηγμα και την ανύψωση σταθερή/την κινητή περιουσία


Τόπος καταγωγής: ΚΙΝΑ
Μάρκα: NANTE
Πιστοποίηση: ISO
Αριθμό μοντέλου: NW 8T

Πληρωμής & Αποστολής Όροι:

Ποσότητα παραγγελίας min: 1set
Τιμή: USD 5000-20000 per Set
Συσκευασία λεπτομέρειες: Παλέτα ή ξύλινη περίπτωση
Χρόνος παράδοσης: 50 ημέρες
Όροι πληρωμής: L/C, T/T
Δυνατότητα προσφοράς: 1 σύνολο/ημέρα
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Λεπτομερής Περιγραφή Προϊόντος
Ικανότητα: 8T Ύψος ανύψωσης: 15m
Ταχύτητα ανύψωσης: 0.8-8 m/min Διακινούμενη ταχύτητα: 2-20 m/min
Καθήκον εργασίας: M6 Απόσταση ραγών: 2000mm

8 Ton Electric Winch for Pulling and Lifting


The electric winch is mainly applied to hoisting, pulling and loading or unloading the weight. For example, it can be used to mount and dismount large and medium-sized concrete and steel structure and machinery equipment. Also, it could be utilized as the lifting mechanism of hoisting machinery. This product features orderly-arranged steel wire ropes, safe slinging, smooth transmission and convenient maintenance. This product can be used for the equipment installation in bridge building, port construction, wharf construction, shipyard building and other large-scale factories and mines projects.


Electric Winches are widely used in the following applications:
1. Cranes
2. Davits
3. Derricks
4. Marine
5. Punching driver
6. Construction Site and Port

1. The final drive gears are made of heat treated carbon steel that provides it a great strength.
2. It has an emergency crank handle.
3. Our product is available in AC and DC models also.
4. The front plate is made of stainless steel that provides a great rust resistance.
5. The die formed base of the equipment helps in quick mounting applications.



1. Compact and low head room Design, Light Self-weight

2. Can customized design base on different application and duty group.
3. The Gear box and motor is connected by flange, high transmission efficiency
4. High performance motor, ED can achieve to 60%, and IP class can achieve IP66, and Insulation class can achieve H
5. The motor have heat protection function. and have Encoder for over speed and Synchronization control
6. Can have dual brake design for high duty group and high safety demand.

7. The T series hook is high grade material, compact design, low self-weight, and follow DIN standard.
8. Use high strength wire rope, max. force is 2160N2, galvanized coating and free-lubrication.
9. 2 reeling design, the lifting point always in the centre.
10. The control panel enclosure is IP55, and wiring is base on IEC standard.
11. User inverter control for lifting and cross travel, smooth and low energy consumption.
12. PLC programming is optional.
13. Have a systemic safety device for the winch, like Overload limited switch, double positioning limited switch, cross limited switch, phase protection relay, over-current protection device, etc.


Safety Device:

Load Limit Switch: Prevent the crane load cargo exceed the max. lifting capacity.

Rotational Limit Switch: Prevent the hook block too high hit the drum or too low hit the ground.

Redundant paddle limit switch: Prevent the hook block hit the drum.

Cross Limit Switch: Prevent the winch hit the girder both end side.

Phase protection relay: Prevent the phase failure or phase loss


Data sheet:

Design Code FEM,ISO,GB
Application For Crane for construction
Duty Group M3 ~ M5 M4 ~ M8 M3 ~ M5
Capacity Range <=100T <=500T <=10T
Lifting Speed Recommend low speed Low speed and fast speed Low speed and fast speed
Lifting height <=50m <=70m <=300m
Lifting brake Electromagnetic brake Hydraulic Thruster brake Electromagnetic Brake Hydraulic Thruster Brake Dual Hydraulic Thruster Brake Hydraulic Thruster Brake or Hydraulic Thruster Brake
Overload limit switch Type Pin Type Load Cell Pin Type or Base Type Load Cell Not Include
Up and down hoisting Limit switch Include Not Include
Redundant paddle type upper limit Switch Include

Not Include


Rope Guide Include for High Strength wire rope (above 1960kN/m2)

Not Include


Main Configuration.

1. gear box, motor, and Electromagnetic brake.

2. Nante gear box, motor and brake is optional.

1. Gear box, Siemens or ABB motor, and thruster brake.

2. Nante gear box and Beide Motor is optional.

1. gear box, motor, Electromagnetic brake with thruster brake.

2. NANTE gear box, motor, Electromagnetic brake is optional.

1. gear box, Siemens or ABB motor, and dual thruster brake.

2. NANTE gearbox, Beide motor is optional.

1. or NORD KA series gear box, motor, and Electromagnetic brake.

2. NANTE KA series motor is optional.


8 ηλεκτρικό βαρούλκο τόνου για το τράβηγμα και την ανύψωση σταθερή/την κινητή περιουσία

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